Yesterday I had a moment of reflection. 

  Let me back up a bit. 

I am a stay at home mom, and every so often I start to feel like “is this it?!” Not because I’m bored and caught up with my housework but rather because settling the same fights, washing the same clothes, the same dishes it just gets monotonous. Even if I could buy new clothes and dishes every week, it would still be boring! I like new. I like different. I like exciting. I like a challenge. And sometimes “momming” isn’t all that. 

 Full confession: the discontent is stronger than I am. 

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord , plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Jeremiah 29:11 ESV

  He knows. He’s got this. The verses go on. 

Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you. You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.

Jeremiah 29:12‭-‬13 ESV

 He won’t just reveal it, first I must seek Him, find Him and with all my heart. 

Which brings me to why I was reminiscing yesterday. 

My oldest goes to school, Kindergarten. 3 days a week. And yesterday I volunteered to help serve lunch at his school. As I drive to his school, I always pass “my” telephone pole. 

 One October evening, a Saturday night on my weekend off I was driving to meet friends. I was lost and unsure of where I was to be going, so I was speeding because well I was 19 and that’s just how I handled stress. (It hadn’t exactly been my year, all my friends were married and loving life and I was single. Not that I minded, I just didn’t fit anywhere.)

 I didn’t know the road and it was raining. I came up over a hill and missed the turn. I overcorrected and lost control of my car. The last thing I remember was seeing headlights coming straight for me.  From what I’ve pieced together since, I lost control and hydroplaned up an embankment and sheared a telephone pole halfway up and landed in a field. 

For I know the plans I have for you…”

 I walked away from that accident with only a small scratch on my cheek. Terrified and in shock, I was grateful to have crashed into a friend’s field and he and his brother stayed on scene and helped me leave. 

 My mom took me to the emergency room the next morning.

  Every time I see that telephone pole, which is often, I am reminded of this moment. The moment God intervened and kept me safe. I need this reminder sometimes. I’m not “just” a mom, I am raising 2 future men, 2 people who will go out in the world and make their imprint in the people they interact with. 

  I must admit, this reminder is a painful one. The hip pain I feel on a cold day reminds me of this night. 

   Today I am grateful for that aching hip, the memories it brings. 

 I am reminded that on a day like today when grumpy, sleepy toddlers with runny noses and a desperate need for snuggles interrupts my need for hot coffee and a sofa to myself for 5 minutes, that He has a plan for me.  

 As we are 3 days away from Christmas, from spending time with family and making memories take a long look around at your surroundings.  It can change in an instant. 

He has a plan. 

We are not promised tomorrow. We are not promised an easy life. 

He has a plan. He loves you and desires for you to seek Him with your whole heart. 

Merry Christmas to you and your families. ❤ 


Sexism and Finger Pointing



noun  sex·ism \ˈsek-ˌsi-zəm\ 

Simple Definition of sexism

  • : unfair treatment of people because of their sex; especially : unfair treatment of women

Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary

  Have you ever faced sexism? Ladies? We all have stories, I’m sure. I know I can think of several. 

  Let me go back a minute, this post has been brewing for awhile. I am watching a new TV show on Hulu right now. I was up early and the coffee needed to be consumed before the household chores could be started. The show is “Pitch” and I saw sexism thrown in and feminists outrage. And while I know it’s “just a show”, I know for a fact that this is real. In fact it’s more real than it was a few years ago! 

 I am not a feminist!! 

 There is a point tho. Discrimination is wrong. 

No matter who it’s projected toward.

  Have you ever been guilty of discrimination? *raises hand* I remember the first male CNA I met, I am embarrassed now at my reaction. There was absolutely surprise in my voice, in all my experience in life I’d NEVER seen a male CNA or nurse. Was I intentionally trying to insinuate he could not do the job? No. I was surprised. 

 Now I’ll say this, there are men who are intentional jerks towards women. I’ve encountered my fair share of those. There are others who do not mean it, they just simply do not have the perfect response. 

Grace. Grace. Grace. GRACE. 

  Ladies. Gentlemen. Humanity, extend grace to our fellow people. And forgive. 

 Sexism. Bigotry. Racists. 

  These are hot hot words right now with election day coming. Democrats think that all Republicans are these things. And the insults are thrown freely. Look these words up, folks. You can’t just resort to name calling when your feelings are hurt. 

I think a feminism should be women empowering and encouraging each other. No matter your station or calling in life, it’s all hard. There are rude and unkind people in this life, there always has been and until time ends, they will still be here. We don’t need to be rude or unkind based on gender, based on political oarty, based on whatever other ignorance there is. Because as the old saying goes, be careful when you point your finger because there’s always 3 pointing back at you. 

  Go. Love. Live like Jesus. And remember the Golden Rule. 


the Choice is Yours 

Apparently last week #Brangelina trended on social media. Because the long relationship they’d chosen and created together came to a halt. I’ve seen much speculation and I can honestly say it’s not dominated a lot of my thoughts. I feel sorry for the children tho. 

 Imagine their pain. 

 Maybe you can. Maybe your parents divorced, maybe you come from a home that’s been broken. 

 I’m sorry. 

  I look at the sweet faces of my 2 boys today and I feel an overwhelming sense of love. 

and tiredness. Momming is hard. My oldest is in school 3 days a week, and there are days I catch myself thinking, “I can’t wait ’til it’s 5!!” And I must stop myself and choose joy in that moment.  

In the faces of my 2 sons, I see their Daddy. They have his eyes and his nose. My oldest has his curiosity and desire to know specifics of how construction or farm machinery works. He can spend hours paging through a book and letting his imagination run wild. His hand is his phone and he often makes or receives telephone calls throughout a day. 

 I see myself in them too. Their smiles and positive outlook. Their outgoing nature and fearlessness. Their loudness. 

 I hear my words and my tone coming from my oldest son’s mouth. 


 I wonder if my heart shouldn’t be more sensitive towards my husband. He’s my rock, my best friend, my favorite. Am I careful with his heart? Am I cautious in the way I speak to him? When I am upset, do I make myself calm down before I speak to him? 

 These are things I must do with my children. I speak first, think later by nature. My oldest has a heart that is sensitive. It’s easily wounded. 

 As wives, we cannot be too careful in being the quiet protector of our husband’s. It’s from us that they get their drive to go on with their day, their week, their next challenge. Encourage and love. Caution but submit. And from a wise woman I learned this: 


you see, husband’s make mistakes. Maybe a wrong turn or a gift you’d never choose. 




 Forgive him. Love him. And most importantly, be his friend. 

 There are days it’s easy. There are days it seems near impossible. I found this gem crossing my mind many many times.  

 Choose love. 

 I believe you at some point chose to love your significant other. In the days that seems nearly impossible, make a physical list. 

Choose to love your spouse. 

 After all, you chose them. 

 And if indeed you cannot and a list is impossible, find a gifted counselor near you. Get help. 

  A post more for me today but I hope you can be encouraged as well. 


Growing Pains


Falling- we’ve all done it. Physically, spiritually, emotionally.
And oh! how it hurts!
Maybe we messed up and the fall was our own fault. Stay with me, I’m talking about emotional falls here. Stay with me, friend! It’s not easy, the fall or recognizing that you caused it. But it’s essential in rising again.
Did you hear that? ESSENTIAL.
Falling hurts but we all do it. Don’t unpack and stay fallen, don’t hop on the pity subway and stay down. Don’t buy the lie that you’re a failure, even after recognizing that it was your fault.
  Don’t buy the lies!
Admit you’re wrong, ask for forgiveness, and rise up. Accept that grace offered, and if there’s no forgiveness or grace offered, stand up anyway and work to never repeat whatever happened.
  But sometimes the fall isn’t caused by us. Sometimes someone else hurts us. And that pain is real, folks. It’s easy to think of instances where that’s happened. I have 2 or 3 right on the top of my head, where I could go into extensive detail about the pain. But I won’t. Because I can also recall an instance where I know I hurt someone. (I’m sure there were more, but one I will probably not soon forget.)
Because recently I’ve been the brunt of several painful instances. And it’s easy for me to focus on and dwell on that hurt.
I won’t.
I must forgive, even tho it wasn’t asked for. I must offer grace, even tho it isn’t deserved.
Because I am a fallen person. A sinner. A person in dire need of God’s grace, forgiveness, and mercy.
You are too.
I do not deserve the mercy He extends. I’d love to write that I rarely need it, but the fact is, I NEED IT MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY. And He gives.
  These things weren’t easy lessons for me, but I felt prompted to write this. So maybe someone needed this. Maybe someone will need this.
Maybe I’ll need to re-read this someday.

  You are loved.

‘Splaining me

Hi. 👋  my name is Rachelle. I am married for 6 years (each year is a milestone. I’m not easy to love.) And I have 2 amazing boys, (yes, I’m slightly prejudiced.)
My story isn’t a fairy-tale, but it’s beautiful. ❤ And as hard as it is, I’ve put my faith and trust in God that He will use me, He has a plan designed only for me. And I don’t know that plan yet, not in full, but I am excited for it to unfold. I won’t use this post to tell my whole story, because let’s face it;
  I have walls.
  I have trust issues.
  And my story isn’t a fairy tale.
But here are a few facts:
  ◇I was born in October of 1988 and adopted September of 1992, just before my 5th birthday.
  ◇I grew up with 5 older brothers.
  ◇I have 2 biological sisters, whom I met about 2 and 1/2 years ago now.
  ◇I have always been a tomboy, and I will never be as girly as some girls love to be.
  ◇I am loud, opinionated, and my personality is off the wall. My opinions aren’t surface opinions and they’re formed in personal or life experiences.
  ◇I love working with elderly people, particularly dementia stricken. I worked as an activities aid and someday I’d love to do it again.
  ◇I am fueled solely by caffeine. And the “rebel” part of my blog post isn’t meant disrespectfully, it is that I don’t follow the average leader. I am a rebel. I do not agree with a lot of the feminist movement and ideals, I do not think there’s “privilege” for man, woman, gay or straight, etc. I do believe there are unkind and rude people. I do believe there are bigots and racists. I’m not one. I don’t believe we should “go with the flow”, we don’t know where the flow is going! I am cautious, and conservative. (My opinions on this are lengthy. I will stop here, simply wanted to clarify the rebel aspect)
  ◇I love cars, trucks, truck pulls, and drag races. There is freedom for me in (safely) speeding, windows down, and music up. It’s a head clearing, clarity bringing experience for me. I’ve learned other ways, but it’s still a favorite for me.
  ◇My personal life goals are easy enough. Besides improving and working hard at becoming the woman God has for me, I desire to make an impact. To be known as a woman who’s sole desire was to love and do what God has for me to do. My desire is to guard my heart, guard my marriage and raise God-honoring men who serve Him. I want to make a difference. To be remembered, not for my mistakes but that my life shows God. I want HIM to receive the credit, the honor. My life isn’t about me, it is about Him. He has rescued me time after time, He has restored me and my joy, He has forgiven me and extended grace and mercy. I want my life to make an impact, but not for me, for God.
  ◇I love music. All kinds. I love being on the church worship team and have challenged myself to learn Alto, I’m much more comfortable as a soprano. I am not here tho to be comfortable, in fact I’ve learned that God does His work in us and thru us as Christians when we are NOT comfortable.
  So there you have it, a few basic facts. An explanation. And there will be more as time goes on.
Now go & enjoy your day.
  Be blessed


Going Beyond 👟👞👢👠


Last night our small group weeded and mulched at Bethany Children’s Home behind Womelsdorf, PA. I’m not saying this to brag, but as a point of reflection for me.
  I’ve always had a heart to serve and help others, I’ve always believed that in order for the unsaved to see Jesus we must allow them to see us ACT like Jesus. And let’s be honest, a brief encounter at the store or posts on facebook aren’t always that impacting. And if they are, it’s not always positive.
I am so thankful to finally belong and be active with a community of believers who jump on, dig in, ready and willing to serve.
And on that reflective note, I thought of the Rachelle I was just 3 years ago, the girl lost in her pain and feeling so alone. Even in her marriage and mommy – hood. The downward spiral I was stuck in, I thought there was no hope. So often I cried to God to stop the spiral, and He did. I simply needed to get in church and grow. He stopped the spiral and changed my life, but that does not take away the consequences and fall out. I’ve needed to change my friend group, be aware of my triggers, and be mindful that what I say/do, needs to honor God and my husband. And the change is good. I am more at peace and I am content. I do not for a minute wish to go back to partying and acting a fool.
  Be encouraged, God can take you and change you. For the better. And the choices you’ve made, He’ll use for His glory. That’s not an excuse to go out and do what you want, because believe me the consequences are great. Apply this lesson to your past and come to church.
  Harvest Bible Chapel
Lancaster PA or Myerstown PA
  Be blessed -R

To Be

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” All of us have been asked this question, we’ve probably asked others this question. Did you accomplish it?
  My first dream was to be a successful ranch owner out west. And as beautiful as horses are, I respect them from a distance. Being a cowgirl requires enjoying riding a horse and I’ve discovered I don’t.
  Next I wanted to be a famous country singer, I’m completely happy singing on our church worship team! And around the house with my little boys.
  A nurse, a doctor, a counselor, a realtor…. the list is endless. And I never did any of them. And my time isn’t up, someday I’d love to counsel children or be a social worker, something that gives selflessly and help others.
  I’ve managed however to
get married to a wonderful man, one I’m completely undeserving of. A patient, kind hearted man who loves me, flaws and all.


I also became a mother. My oldest is 4 and he’s taught me so much. About patience and love, overwhelming love for another human being. Protective and fierce. I have an almost 1 year old. A busy baby, crawling at 5 months, before he was even sitting up and walking at 10 months. He’s a go-getter.
  I want to raise my boys right, in the Word of God, chasing Him and doing His plan for their lives. I want to raise confident, loving boys, who make a difference.
  That’s I think all I’ve ever wanted, to make an impact on this world. To make a difference. & you know what, my time isn’t completed yet. Each day I’ve been given another day to live, to love, and to discover His plan for my life. Because His plans are greater than anything I can even imagine!
Go out there, discover what God wants you to be and BE IT! 😄